Comfortable Shower Trailers

Sometimes you really need a shower.

Our shower trailers are unbelievably comfortable, luxurious and private.

JOTS offers remarkable 8 PERSON SHOWER TRAILERS. These units have individual compartments within the trailer that feature a personal changing space, a solo shower, and a private door lock.

Another advantage to these mobile showers is that they are easy to clean. Since the changing areas are located within each shower compartment, mud and dirt can be directly sprayed into the drain with a hose connection located within the trailer.

Recommended Shower Trailers

 Eight Person Shower Trailer

A terrific portable shower that meets your needs, right when you need it.

Need a MOBILE SHOWER TRAILER?  Our reliable units are practical and modern in every way.  These portable showers have individual compartments within each trailer for the all important privacy needs.  Each compartment within the trailer offers a personal changing space, a solo shower, and a private door lock for safety concerns.    

These mobile showers are easy to maintain.  Dirt and mud can be directly spray washed into the shower drains, no problem.  This rapid clean-up is accomplished by using a hose connected inside the trailer.

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