ACA Handicap Portable Restrooms

Johnny cares about accesibility.

Our ACA handicap porta pottys meet the needs of all people, no matter the disability.

Our single toilet ACA portable bathrooms, AKA “porta pottys” are useful for a variety of applications.  They are excellent for events, and emergencies when rapid installation is required and running water is not needed.  JOTS portable toilets are built to withstand rigorous use and weather.

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Recommended ACA Toilets – Porta Pottys

Handicap Portable Restrooms

A great portable toilet rental option for those with special requirements.

As you know, the special needs for physically and/or mentally challenged individuals are important to address.  JOTS thought long and hard about this problem and created solutions for just about every ACA situation imaginable.  

The ACA mobile restrooms come with ramps, handrails, easy to use door pulls, and self-closing hinges.  A unique vacuum system transports the waste to external tanks or sewer systems as far as 300 feet away.  Set-up requires minimal effort.  The ramp and handrails can be put in place easily.  There are two different leveling systems available:  manually operated airbags or electronic jacks with individual remote controls.   Each system will provide perfect balance for your unit.

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