Polylift Construction Restrooms

No need to leave the site at any hieght.

We have just what you need to stay productive even in hard to reach work areas.

Polylift toilets are a necessity at construction sites where the work is done in a higher location. Easy to set in place by a crane, they can also be quickly moved as construction needs change during the building process.

JOHNNY ON THE SPOT portable restrooms are sanitary as well as rugged. The unit will arrive on your property clean and well maintained.
You will need one toilet for every ten workers during a 40 hour work week.

The interior of these toilets is remarkably roomy and features up-to-date ventilation, a translucent roof for lighting, a non-flushing toilet and a urinal. The floor is prepared to prevent slippage from soiled work boots. Toilet paper will be supplied and each unit will be serviced throughout the duration of your project. Hand sanitizer and disposable seat covers can be added as optional upgrades.

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Recommended Polylift Toilets for  Construction Sites

Polylift Portable Restrooms

A useful porta potty for construction sites where special portability is required.

How can high-rise construction workers take an efficient “call of nature” pause when they are many stories above the ground? PolyLift is a solo toilet made for this unique need. Your workers will appreciate the safety, durability, cleanliness, and accessibility of each toilet. Your managers will welcome the reduction in worker downtime because of the ability to conveniently locate each solo toilet on the construction site.

These portable units are designed to be put into place through the use of a crane or a freight elevator. Easily maneuvered, they are 33” wide for narrow passageways and come equipped with 6” heavy-duty, lockable wheels. Ruggedly built with a steel frame, each PolyLift unit contains an interior toilet and an exterior urinal. A large waste tank capable of holding 38 gallons of sewage comes standard with the PolyLift Mobile Toilet.

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